Business Administration (BUSI)


Course is a forum that offers students an opportunity to study correct business issues using available business literature and research materials, occasional field trips and guest lectures. The seminar meets regularly in a group session to discuss relevant assignments. In addition, students identify related topics for independent study.

BUSI 599 Graduate Business Essentials (9 Credits)

Designed for preparation for graduate study in business or advancement in management, this is an intensive overview of essential concepts of business, management, finance, strategy and marketing, emphasizing critical thinking and clear communication. Students gain tools, skill sets and background as the course introduces core graduate-level business thought through targeted lectures and case studies.

BUSI 660 Graduate Business Field Experience (1 Credit)

The Graduate Business Field Experience emphasizes the relationship of concepts and skills learned in the classroom with real world experience. Students will work part-time in a position approved by the graduate program coordinator and complete a project or paper under the supervision of a faculty advisor.

Pre-Requisite(s): Matriculated in Graduate School of Business; Completed 18 credits; Minimum 3.00 GPA or higher.

BUSI 690 Understanding American Business - Teacher Career Education (3 Credits)

Understanding American Business-Teacher Career Education is a course designed for educators interested in expanding their knowledge of the American economic system and how business functions within the system. The course will provide valuable insights into a wide range of business and career topics, all within the free enterprise framework. The purpose of the course is to foster a better understanding of entrepreneurship, competition, consumer sovereignty, free trade, private property and other topics, which have an impact on virtually every sector of the economy. In support of the N.J. Education Department's mandate, emphasis will be placed on "school-to-work initiatives" within the curriculum. Successful completion of the course will provide educators with materials that can be used in the classroom for teaching economics and business concepts to students at all grade levels.

BUSI 703 Research Methodology and Design (3 Credits)

This course is designed to provide students with the fundamentals of research design and applications in the business field. The course starts by discussing the fundamentals of the scientific approach for problem solving and inquiry. Then it proceeds to the development of a hypothesis utilizing the appropriate test methods. Steps of the research design and test execution are analyzed.

BUSI 791 Independent Study - School of Business (1 Credit)

BUSI 792 Independent Study - School of Business (2 Credits)

BUSI 793 Independent Study - School of Business (3 Credits)

BUSI 799 Interdisciplinary Capstone in Business Administration (3 Credits)

Students synthesize program knowledge and skills into a real world project. Working individually or in interdisciplinary teams, students submit a consultative proposal and complete a project for a business or nonprofit enterprise. Students prepare a detailed written report and give an oral presentation to the employer, faculty and other students.

Pre-Requisite(s): Permission of the Department