Interdisciplinary Studies (INTD)

INTD 502 Marine Pollution and Solutions (1 Credit)

INTD 512 American Public Administration (3 Credits)

This course is about the bureaucratic process and the implementation of public policy. Students will study the operations of the executive branch of government, specifically those who work behind the scenes to implement the policies and administer the programs that Congress passes. They will explore the relationship between civil servants and elected public officials, the structure of public organization, and the meaning of Congressional oversight. Students will study the politics of the administrative state and the constraints that both politics and constitutional structure impose on the administrative state, and will come to understand that it is through administration that ordinary citizens come into contact with their government on a daily basis.

INTD 513 The American Welfare State (3 Credits)

This course will explore the historical development, political theories, economics, and policies of the American welfare state. While the concept of welfare is often associated with assistance programs intended to benefit the dependent poor, the welfare state is considerably larger. Our task is to understand the welfare state as a larger framework whose task is the well being of all citizens, i.e. policies that promote the general welfare. While we will certainly pay attention to issues of poverty and public assistance programs, our focus will by no means be restricted to them. Rather we want to explore the welfare state in its broadest terms, which would include general employment policies, education, child care and health care.

INTD 516 Humanities Institute (3 Credits)

INTD 517 Gender Issues in Education (3 Credits)

INTD 521 Marine Invert.Zoology Anth. (1 Credit)

INTD 571 Field Methods In Marine Science-Ge (1 Credit)

INTD 573 Field Methods Marine Science-Biology (1 Credit)

INTD 600 International Education (9 Credits)

Graduate students studying abroad. Billing units set to "0.

INTD 601 Govt & Not-for-Profit Finance (3 Credits)

INTD 604 International Education (3 Credits)

INTD 605 Field Study in Education (6 Credits)

Field study offers individually tailored programs correlating experiences in functioning educational settings with systematic readings and appropriate media materials. Experiences may range from purely observational to tutoring and group work to action research requiring professional level responsibility. Schools, the social contexts in which they operate, and the ancillary supportive agencies, organizations, and institutions which serve them prove the base from which diversified possibilities for field experiences are drawn. Prerequisite: Matriculation and permission of chairperson.

INTD 609 Institute in Elementary Science I (3 Credits)

INTD 653 Laboratory Techn in Phy Scienc (3 Credits)

INTD 689 Institute In Life Sciences (3 Credits)

This course studies some of the new developments in the fields of photosynthesis, energy release and utilization, regeneration and the aging process, virus-host systems, plant growth and plant hormones, and the chemical basis for plant and animal cells, as well as the manner in which these moved the boundaries of biology even beyond what they were a decade ago. The most significant biological advances are studied in some depth during the course of the Institute.

INTD 698 Hist & Soc Std Race Class Gend (3 Credits)

In this course, students critically examine some major issues in contemporary American society through a study of their historical and sociological roots. Broadly conceived, the topics discussed are race, class, and gender, as they relate to an understanding of the development of a distinctive American ideology, the workings of the American political economy, and current U.S.A. politics and social thought.