Modern Language (LANG)

LANG 503 Cultural Field Studies (6 Credits)

This is a study travel tour of Spanish America or Spain acquainting students with the distinctive elements of Hispanic culture and civilization through direct contact.

LANG 510 Second Language Methodology I (3 Credits)

This course provides an introduction to the theories, methods, and materials used in the teaching of World Languages K-12, focusing on the national (ACTFL) standards and the revised NJ World Languages Standards. Students will create and assess lessons for standards-based world language classrooms using a communicative and contextualized approach.

UG Pre-Requisite(s): LANG 305 and LANG 306

LANG 602 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Linguistics (3 Credits)

In this course, students will explore the fundamental concepts of Spanish grammar from a pedagogical standpoint, beginning with linguistic analyses and theoretical models, and proceeding to its practical applications in the second language classroom. This course is designed for teachers of Spanish at all levels interested in strengthening their knowledge of grammar, and enhancing their language teaching strategies.

LANG 603 Integrating Spanish Children's Literature in the Second Lang Classroom (3 Credits)

In this course, students will explore, review, and critique authentic texts in children's literature representative of numerous Spanish-speaking countries. Different genres will be examined with a focus on author's style, illustrations, and cultural perspectives. Emphasis will be placed on integrating communicative skills reflected in the NJ World Language Standards.

LANG 604 U.S. Latino/A Literature & Performance (3 Credits)

This course is designed to examine Latino literature and performance as ways of redefining and questioning racial, gender, and sexual orientation identities in the United States. The course explores written/performed texts in Spanish and English that illuminate the processes through which the self is constructed from a Latino/a cultural reference point.

LANG 606 Latin American Women Testimonials (3 Credits)

This course focuses on modes of defining cultural differences. The course explores Latin America and U.S. Latina cultural identities through the study of testimonial texts and films produced by women from various countries in Latin America, as well as the United States.

LANG 608 The Dominican Republic: A Literary, Sociological and Historical Perspective (3 Credits)

The course gives a panoramic view of the Trujillo regime in the Dominican Republic through a study of representative literary works and historical documents. Although the course will be taught in the Dominican Republic, there will two introductory classes in June 2013 at NJCU and assignments will be completed after students return from this one week study abroad experience. The course will explore the period from 1931 through 1961 in the Dominican Republic through visits to museums and historical sites, interviews and analysis of primary sources. The students will conduct a critical analysis of the novel, En El Tiempo De Las Mariposas by Julia Alvarez. This period in the history of the Dominican Republic will be explored from literary, sociological, historical and economic perspectives.

Pre-Requisite(s): LANG 510

LANG 610 Second Language Methodology II (3 Credits)

This course expands the knowledge and skills acquired in Methodology I and focuses on the analysis and application of the theories, methods, and materials used in standards-based World Languages K-12 classrooms, reflected in the revised New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for World Languages, as well as the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign (ACTFL) Standards. The emphasis will be on the development, use, and evaluation of world language curricula and assessment practices.

Pre-Requisite(s): LANG 510

LANG 611 Assessment in the Second Language Classroom (3 Credits)

This course provides the theoretical and the practical bases for the analysis, use, and creation of appropriate strategies and instruments used to evaluate second language proficiency. Various types of assessments will be examined and particular emphasis will be placed on assessments used to determine particular levels of language proficiency. Students will develop an integrated performance assessment that includes the different modes of communication.

LANG 615 Action Research Project in the Second Language Classroom-Masters Thesis (3 Credits)

This course provides an overview of action research models and options and culminates with the selection of a research topic on a specific research problem related to second language acquisition. A review of the literature will be completed. Students will select topics, subjects and an approved methodology for their project and will plan their data collection during this semester.

LANG 616 Action Research Project in the Second Language Classroom Masters Theses (3 Credits)

This is the capstone experience for the Master’s Program. Students will organize and analyze the data gathered for their second language acquisition research project. They will write their conclusions and educational implications based on their findings. The completed action research will be submitted for approval and students will present their findings to an audience.

LANG 621 Latin American Music (3 Credits)

This course addresses the music of selected Latin American countries, offering students perspectives into the musical traditions of this multifaceted region. The music will be discussed in Spanish and English in terms that accommodate non-specialists.

LANG 622 The Music of Spain: Selected Areas from the Art and Popular Traditions (3 Credits)

A survey of the classical and popular traditions from varied regions of Spain. This course offers language and music majors and educators an introduction to the musical styles and products from Spain. Analysis of the music will be discussed in Spanish and English in terms that accomodate non-specialists.