Philosophy/Religion (PHIL)

PHIL 500 Selected Topics in Philosophy (3 Credits)

This course is an exploration of the great visions of the universe as articulated by ancient and contemporary thinkers. The readings represent a full range of perspectives and voices from all cultures. The topics for the course are intended to encourage a dialogue among diverse intellectual traditions and cultural heritages, with the aim of achieving a unified philosophical experience.

PHIL 510 Ethics Values & Society (3 Credits)

How can we arrive at a theory of justice, rights, and responsibilities which will give differing parts of the world with distinct needs and in stages of economic development and divergent goals, a meaningful role and participation in contributing to the whole? Exploring the ideas of justice, liberty, equality, law, responsibility, and rights across the boundaries of civilizations from ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, and Greece, we trace the evolution of the central concerns in political thought which continue to shape the course of history.

PHIL 520 Contemporary Search for Meaning (3 Credits)

The search for truth and meaning spans human history and consists of the achievements of many minds. This continual pursuit has been referred to as "the perennial philosophy." The aim of this course is to inspire students to develop a sense of greater humanity and wholeness of self, and to cultivate intellectual autonomy. The readings are drawn from both philosophical and literary texts.