Pre-Professional Preparation

New Jersey City University offers its students considerable flexibility in developing degree plans that meet their individual needs and interests. Students may elect a plan that will prepare them for advanced graduate work in one of the academic disciplines, or for entrance into dental, medical, law, or other professional school. An individual may choose to combine his or her liberal arts major with a block of professional work that will prepare that student for opportunities in such careers as teaching, business, or public service.

Students interested in careers in any profession should contact the Academic Career Planning and Placement Office in Vodra Hall for information about their fields of interest and their academic and skill requirements.

Men and women who are well educated in the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities, find places in the medical professions. Although no specific field of concentration or prescribed program will assure a student admission to schools of the health professions, the ability to perform scientific work of significant rigor is of particular importance. The soundest preparation for medical school, dental school, or other professional school includes early completion of basic and advanced course sequences in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Students interested in planning a program to prepare for such a career should contact the chair of the Biology Department immediately upon enrolling at New Jersey City University.

Most law schools do not require any specific field of concentration. However, it is strongly advised that students interested in law school consider the Pre-Law minor program. Students should familiarize themselves with the entrance requirements of schools to which they intend to apply and should consult with the Pre-Law Advisor in the Political Science Department to plan a program appropriate for admission to law school.

Students interested in teaching in secondary schools should consult with the chairperson of the Elementary and Secondary Education Department immediately upon enrolling at New Jersey City University. Not all liberal arts disciplines are taught as separate subjects in secondary schools. Within the undergraduate offerings, certain courses are especially appropriate for the beginning secondary-school teacher. It is recommended that students select their courses in consultation with the chairperson of the Elementary and Secondary Education Department as well as the chairperson of their intended major program departments. A properly planned academic program will enable students to make the most effective use of their two field internship experiences, which occur during the junior and senior years. Students interested in teaching art or music should consult with the respective department chairperson.