Undergraduate Curriculum Planning

Most full-time students who begin their studies at New Jersey City University will select five or six courses (15–18 credits) each fall and spring semester. Generally, a student pursuing a degree on a part-time basis will enroll in two or three courses (6–9 credits)  per semester. Usually, the freshman and sophomore years are made up of: All University Requirement (AUR) courses, General Education Program area electives, and introductory courses in the major program. In consultation with their major advisor, students regularly plan their academic progression each year. The junior and senior years are typically more focused on the major field of interest. Opportunities for students to engage in fieldwork in the major and to explore a minor program are typically afforded in the junior and senior years.

By continuous registration for courses in the fall semester, spring semester, and summer sessions, students may shorten the time necessary for completion of a degree. A part-time student who wishes to register for twelve or more semester hours must first make a change in enrollment status.

A student admitted as a “transfer” from another institution for full-time or part-time degree study will follow the same pattern of study as students who are completing their total undergraduate program at New Jersey City University. A transfer student should consult with the major program department at the outset of his/her studies at New Jersey City University.