Art—B.F.A., Concentration in Jewelry/Metals

Jewelry/metals focuses on the creation of art that has a direct relationship to the human body.  The dedicated studios are exceptionally well equipped with traditional and contemporary metal working tools.  Students of jewelry/metals have a decorative sensibility and an interest in design and fine craftsmanship. This concentration leads to the development of a cohesive body of work, a professional portfolio, and BFA exhibition. 


  • A minimum cumulative undergraduate grade point average (CGPA) in Art Courses of 3.0.
  • BFA students are required to pass a Senior Review and Exhibition in order to complete the program.


Transfer students may have up to 30 credits from an Associates in Fine Arts Degree applied to major course requirements in the BFA program if approved by a faculty advisor or the department chair.

Required Foundation Courses:12
ART 110Two Dimensional Design3
ART 111Three Dimensional Design3
ART 115Drawing Studio I3
ART 185Computer Graphics3
Required Art History Courses:12
ART 106Contemporary Art3
ART 131World Art II3
ART 202Philosophies of Art3
Art History Elective (200-400 level)3
Required Studio Courses:36
ART 104Ceramics I3
ART 212Metalsmithing I3
ART 216Sculpture I3
ART 218Jewelry I3
ART 222Ceramics II3
ART 304Ceramic Sculpture3
ART 312Metalsmithing II3
ART 316Sculpture II3
ART 319Jewelry II3
ART 324Casting for Jewelers3
ART 409Enameling for Jewelers3
or ART 419 Casting for Jewelers II
ART 410Advanced Jewelry3
Art/Co-Op Electives:15
Select 5 Art courses in consultation with a faculty advisor.
Required BFA Courses:6
ART 450Portfolio Preparation1
ART 465Bachelor Fine Arts Seminar1
ART 398Studio Research I2
ART 399Studio Research II2
Total Credits:81
Plan of Study Grid
Semester 1Credits
ENGL 101
English Composition I
or English Composition I for English as a Second Language Students
ART 115 Drawing Studio I 3
ART 110 Two Dimensional Design 3
MATH 114 Contemporary Mathematics 3
General Education Tier 1 3
INTD 101 Orientation to College * first time freshmen only 1
Semester 2
ENGL 102
or ESL 102
English Composition II
ART 185 Computer Graphics 3
ART 111 Three Dimensional Design 3
ART 131 World Art II 3
General Education Tier I Course 3
Semester 1
ART 104 Ceramics I 3
ART 218 Jewelry I 3
ART 106 Contemporary Art 3
Studio Art Elective 3
General Education Tier 1 3
Semester 2
ART 212 Metalsmithing I 3
ART 216 Sculpture I 3
ART 222 Ceramics II 3
Art History Elective (200-400 Level) 3
General Education Tier I Course 3
Semester 1
ART 319 Jewelry II 3
ART 312 Metalsmithing II 3
Studio Art Elective 3
General Education Tier II Course 3
General Education Tier II Course 3
Semester 2
ART 324 Casting for Jewelers 3
ART 304 Ceramic Sculpture 3
ART 202 Philosophies of Art 3
Studio Art Elective 3
General Education Tier II Course 3
Semester 1
ART 316 Sculpture II 3
ART 398 Studio Research I 2
ART 409
Enameling for Jewelers
or Casting for Jewelers II
Studio Art Elective 3
General Education Tier 2 3
Semester 2
ART 399 Studio Research II 2
ART 410 Advanced Jewelry 3
ART 450 Portfolio Preparation 1
ART 465 Bachelor Fine Arts Seminar 1
Studio Art Elective Course 3
General Education Tier III Capstone 3
 Total Credits120

**BFA Students are Exempt from the Creative Process and Production Mode of Inquiry Course Requirements within General Education Tier I and Tier II.

Student Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of the B.F.A., with a concentration in Jewelry/Metal, students will be able to:  

  1. Compose artworks in a range of visual art studio practices with technical proficiency.
  2. Analyze formal elements of works of art, craft, and design or other items of material culture.
  3. Interpret works of art in light of the social and historic context in which they were produced.
  4. Develop a professional art/design portfolio.
  5. Produce an art/design exhibition thesis.