Earth and Environmental Science-Geographic Information Science, Minor

The Geographic Information Science, Minor program will prepare students in the highly demanding field of spatial literacy utilized in many disciplines and industries, including but not limited to government, business, utilities and communication, natural resources, defense, education, health and human services. The minor will offer a core curriculum to train the next generation  of students as future scientists and policymakers who apply the basic principles of the spatial literacy in complex systems. NJCU's new GIS Curricula will open several high-tech pathways to career improvement. NJCU will offer GIS education to diverse learners who need high-tech skills for success.

Select 12 credits from the following list. At least 3 credits must be from 300+ level:
EESC 121Mapping the City3
EESC 202Remote Sensing for a Changing World 3
EESC 206Digital Earth: Fundamentals of Geospatial Science3
EESC 252GIS I: Contemporary Applications of GIS3
EESC 325GIS for the Urban Community3
EESC 350GIS II: Contemp Analysis w/GIS3
EESC 455GIS III: Modeling with GIS3
EESC 451Guided Study3
Select 6 credits from the following list:
CS 120Computers and Information Technology3
CS 209Data Structures3
CS 252Programming for All in Python and Computer Science Principles3
CS 302Programming Languages3
CS 306Data Base Design3
CS 365Advanced Java Programming 3
CS 409Introduction to Data Science3
ECON 203Business Statistics3
or PSYC 230 Statistics for Social Sciences