Earth and Environmental Science—Geoscience-Geography, Minor

The minor in Geography provides instruction in the core concepts and principal methods of investigation in the study of geography. The goal is to prepare students for success in an increasingly interdisciplinary world. Our minor in Geography bridges the gap between the social and natural sciences. The Geography Minor is appropriate for majors in economics, political Science, anthropology/sociology who anticipate careers in government or industry that will involve issues of public policy concerning the environment.

Required Courses:
EESC 121Mapping the City 13
EESC 226Earth 360:Integrated Geography 13
EESC 252GIS I: Contemporary Applications of GIS3
Restricted Electives (Select a minimum of 9 credits from the courses below):
EESC 231Water Chronicles 13
EESC 235Global Climate Change 13
EESC 236Our Sustainable World: Urban and Global Sustainability 3
EESC 325GIS for the Urban Community3
EESC 350GIS II: Contemp Analysis w/GIS3
Total Credits:18
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Semester 1Credits
EESC 121 Mapping the City 3
EESC 226 Earth 360:Integrated Geography 3
EESC 252 GIS I: Contemporary Applications of GIS 3
Semester 2
EESC XXX Elective * 3
EESC XXX Elective * 3
EESC XXX Elective * 3
 Total Credits18