Earth and Environmental Science—Geoscience-Geoscience, Minor

The minor in Geoscience provides students with a basic understanding of geological environmental  problems with field and laboratory skills required of professional geologists, but can also supplement a student’s major in another STEM discipline. Through consultation with a faculty advisor, students select elective courses that focus on natural resources- water, minerals or soils. The Geoscience Minor is also appropriate for majors in economics, political Science, anthropology/sociology who anticipate careers in government or industry that will involve issues of public policy concerning the environment.

Required Courses
EESC 135Our Planet Earth3
EESC 201Environmental Science for All: Introduction to Environmental Systems and Processes3
EESC 227Hands on Earth: Earth Lab3
Restricted Electives: Select a minimum of nine credits from the courses below.
EESC 237Environmental Issues and Policy: Global and Urban Perspectives3
EESC 231Water Chronicles 13
EESC 235Global Climate Change 13
EESC 250Plunder: The Race for Natural Resources 13
EESC 340Hydrology I3
EESC 348Environmental Geology3
EESC 410Urban Soil Survey4
Total Credits:18
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Semester 1Credits
EESC 135 Our Planet Earth 3
EESC 201 Environmental Science for All: Introduction to Environmental Systems and Processes 3
EESC 227 Hands on Earth: Earth Lab 3
Semester 2
EESC XXX Elective ** 3
EESC XXX Elective ** 3
EESC XXX Elective ** 3
 Total Credits18