Ethnic and Immigration Studies, Minor

The minor in Ethnic and Immigration Studies will be of service to those students whose career interests include social services, teaching, health services, immigration law, and counseling. 

ETHN 130Understanding Ethnic Conflict 13
or ETHN 220 Geographies of Immigration
ETHN 310Inside Immigrant Neighborhoods3.00
WGST 110Diversity and Difference: Identities, Communities, and Cultures 13
HIST 233World History: 1400 CE to Present3
Elective Courses
(Select 9 credits from the following courses):9
AFRO/HIST 106Black Cultural Studies3
ENGL 135Home, Place, and Memory in US Immigrant Literature 13
ENGL 1883
ENGL 215Multiethnic US Literature3
ENGL 319The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire3
ETHN 115The Asian-American Experience3
ETHN 201Ethnic & Racial Stereotypes in Film & Television3
ETHN 208Immigration: 21st Century3
ETHN 221Cultural Assimilation of America's Ethnic Group3
ETHN 225Immigration and the Global City3
HIST/ETHN 114Immigration In American History3
HIST 131Metropolitan New York3
LATI 204Latin American Communities in U.S.3
MDT 105African/Afro-American Music & Musicians3
MDT 106Jazz History3
MDT 255Music in an Urban Setting3
SOCI 237Refugees and Forced Migration3
SOCI 247Native Americans3
SOCI 254Urban Sociology3
SOCI 261African Cultural Influences in the New World3
SOCI 265Racial & Cultural Minorities3
SOCI 267Cultural Assimilation3
SOCI 268Urban Anthropology3
WGST 210Black Womanhood3
Total Credits:18

May be used to simultaneously satisfy a General Education Program requirement.