Educational Technology (EDTC)

EDTC 305 Introduction to Social Media (3 Credits)

Social media is widely accepted and adopted in media, business, government, and education. This course will provide an introduction to the social web and current technologies. Students will learn how to utilize social media to consume and disseminate news, promote learning, foster collaboration, market business, and develop professional networks.

EDTC 310 Teaching and Learning With Technology (3 Credits)

This course prepares students to integrate digital media and technology into teaching and learning. Students gain experience with digital tools to support teaching methods and learning strategies in student-centered classrooms. Students will design engaging learning activities that correlate to national standards and meet the needs of 21st century learners.

EDTC 401 Teaching & Global Technology (3 Credits)

This course provides broad background knowledge of educational technologies with particular emphasis on global issues and on the applications of instructional technology in the K-12 curriculum. There is a focus on the current and emerging hardware, software, and technological systems and their applications in education. This course also focuses on the integration of technology in the curriculum and the correlating educational theory as well as state, national, and international standards. Students will reflect on and assess the micro and macro effects and potentials of educational technology. There will be a continuous emphasis on skill building as students learn to locate, use, and assess educational technology.