Marketing (MKTG)

MKTG 1XX Marketing Transfer Credit (0 Credits)

MKTG 2XX Marketing Transfer Credit (0 Credits)

MKTG 220 Personal Branding for Professional Life (3 Credits)

Personal branding is essential to career success. It is imperative to develop an authentic personal brand and to communicate that brand consistently and across various platforms. This course helps students understand the value of personal reputation, and how to manage and market one’s personal brand for professional development and success.

MKTG 231 Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)

In this foundation course, students are introduced to basic theory and techniques of performance related to the marketing function. Topics include consumer behavior, marketing research and analytics, and the development of branding and competitive marketing strategies.

MKTG 331 Consumer Behavior (3 Credits)

Consumer behavior from both theoretical and practical standpoints is examined in this course. Topics include: consumerism, the role of the behavioral sciences and legal/social frameworks at the global, national and local levels.

Pre-Requisite(s): MKTG 231 Principles of Marketing

MKTG 332 Integrated Marketing Communication (3 Credits)

The field of promotional marketing communications is introduced in this course. Components include sales promotion, advertising, corporate communication, publicity and public relations, personal selling and direct marketing. Developing the ability to learn how to effectively plan, implement and evaluate integrated promotional messages is the primary learning objective.

Pre-Requisite(s): MKTG 231 Prin of Marketing

MKTG 333 Digital Marketing (3 Credits)

This course will introduce the digital concepts, marketing techniques,strategies applications involved in direct marketing channel, including e-mail marketing, display marketing, social media, direct response advertising, search engine marketing, and mobile marketing.

Prerequisite: MKTG 231 Principles of Marketing

MKTG 340 Visual Communications for Integrated Marketing Communications (3 Credits)

In this class, students learn to present marketing campaigns, reports, case studies, and decks that feature charts, graphs, logos, pictures, and video. Students learn the process of creating presentations that marry content with visuals in a cohesive and fluid way. Programs include PPT, Excel, Keynote, Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop.

Pre-Requisite(s): MKTG 332 Integrated Marketing Communication

MKTG 350 Social Media Marketing (3 Credits)

Social media marketing (SMM) examines how online collaborative media is used to develop marketing strategy. All types of SMM are explored and explained within the context of the SMM Planning Cycle. The history, evolution, trends and phenomenal growth that social media continues to play in marketing are explored.

Pre-Requisite(s): MKTG 231 Principles of Marketing

MKTG 355 Public Relations Theory and Global Development (3 Credits)

This course provides students with a basic understanding of public relations theory and practice, including the history of the profession; the ethics required of public relations professionals; public relations in social, legal, organizational, and global contexts; essential skills and "must reads;" and the many employment opportunities available within the field.

Pre-Requisite(s): MKTG 231 Principles of Marketing

MKTG 360 Writing for Marketing and Public Relations (3 Credits)

This course is designed to enhance students' promotional/persuasive writing skills. It provides intensive writing practice and results in a portfolio of promotional pieces. Through this course, students will reach a professional level of marketing/public relations writing, exploring and experience the style, format, content, and deadline requirements of promotional writing - for both traditional and social engagement.

MKTG 361 Customer Relationship Marketing (3 Credits)

This course helps students to comprehend the various behaviors that underlie the development of successful CRM systems. The class provides strategic and analytic understanding of customer relationship marketing that aid in customer acquisition, retention and winback, and link these through the central concept of customer lifetime value.

Pre-Requisite(s): MKTG 231 Principles of Marketing

MKTG 363 Global Marketing (3 Credits)

The complexities of product design, distributing, foreign exchange and promotional activities in the foreign market place are thoroughly discussed. Emphasis is placed on the cultures of key representative countries and the impact on the American marketing system conducting international business.

Pre-Requisite(s): MKTG 231 Principles of Marketing

MKTG 422 E-commerce (3 Credits)

Provides an overview of all aspects of commerce and opportunity on the Internet. Topics include marketing products on the Internet, virtual organizations, electronic payment systems, privacy and security concerns, intellectual property, customs and excise issues, emerging issues in telecommunications, and Internet issues where government regulation has been contemplated.

MKTG 432 Marketing Research (3 Credits)

This course covers the techniques used in marketing research and their specific application to the various functions of marketing. The student gains knowledge and experience in the use of quantitative techniques through the solution of a marketing problem.

Pre-Requisite(s): ECON 203 & MKTG 331

MKTG 433 Marketing Management (3 Credits)

An investigation of the managerial aspects of marketing is made. The course shows students how to apply analytical concepts and tools of marketing. Students learn how to conduct a marketing study and participates in the development of a formal marketing plan.

Pre-requisite(s): MKTG 231 & MKTG 331

MKTG 434 Marketing Analytics (3 Credits)

The course explores marketing data analysis techniques and their theoretical foundations to help students acquire analytic skills that can be applied to real world marketing problems.

MKTG 493 Marketing Capstone (3 Credits)

This capstone course is designed to allow students to craft a semester long thesis/project based on individual interests. Students work with faculty on their own original project (a selected marketing topic) culminating in a formal oral presentation. Pedagogy will allow for the acquisition of new knowledge and the sharing new discoveries.

Pre-requisite: MKTG 231, MKTG 331, MKTG 332, MKTG 432 & MKTG 433 (Senior Status)

MKTG 515 Contemporary Marketing Perspectives: Trends, Strategies and Practice (3 Credits)

Course is conducted as an interactive seminar which reviews trends and best practices in contemporary marketing. Concepts such as the life time value of a customer and one-to one marketing are studied, along with the impact that globalization and the internet have on current marketing strategies and practice.

MKTG 1231 Principles of Marketing (Honors) (3 Credits)

Students are introduced to basic theory and techniques of performance related to the marketing function in this course; both wholesale and retail marketing patterns are studied.