Center for Teacher Preparation and Partnerships (CTPP)

Deborah Cannon Partridge Wolfe College of Education

Education and Professional Studies Building, Room 203A

Brandi N. Warren, Director

Ms. Cynthia Vazquez, Assistant Director and Certification Administrator

The Center for Teacher Preparation and Partnerships (CTPP) serves as a liaison between the New Jersey City University College of Education and the education community. The CTPP is a student service office, which supports all aspects of clinical practice, primarily by establishing and cultivating P-12 partnerships.

Students inquiring about clinical practice are invited to contact the CTPP or visit the appropriate academic department.

The CTPP works collaboratively with various departments to:

  1. Place approved teacher candidates into clinical practice placements;
  2. Coordinate collaboration between the university, public schools, and other education stakeholders;
  3. Support educational partnerships with community colleges, partner schools and school districts;
  4. Coordinate the teacher performance assessment; and
  5. Process teacher certification applications.

CTPP guidance and resources are readily available online on the CTPP website.