Continuing Graduate Study Beyond Degree Completion

Students completing a master’s degree or professional diploma program who wish to continue their graduate studies must apply and be accepted for admission to pursue a subsequent degree, certificate or certification eligibility, or courses only. Graduating students may not enroll in any classes in a subsequent term until they have received a letter of admission for their new program. 

Students completing a master’s degree or professional diploma program are not required to resubmit any documentation already provided that may be required for admission to a new program (e.g., transcripts, test scores). Please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions for requirements for specific programs. 

If a student received financial aid while enrolled in a current or previous degree or certificate program at New Jersey City University, please note that this eligibility for financial aid ends upon completion of that program of study. If a student wishes to continue to be eligible for financial aid for courses taken after completion of his/her of study, the student must first matriculate (be accepted into) the new program of study. For any questions about your eligibility for financial aid for subsequent programs of study, please contact your financial aid counselor at 201-200-3173.