Graduate Courses Open to Undergraduate Seniors

Senior-year undergraduates are eligible for admission to 500-level courses, unless they cannot satisfy the special requirements for that course (see course descriptions within the current New Jersey City University Graduate Catalog). Such special requirements include, but are not limited to, completion of prerequisite courses, corequisites, attainment of minimum grades in certain courses or programs, and permission of the instructor. 

Credits for undergraduate students in 500-level courses are applied in the following way: 

  1. Undergraduate credit: All credits for 500-level courses satisfactorily completed by an undergraduate student may be counted toward the 120 semester-hour requirements of a curriculum leading to a bachelor’s degree; 
  2. Graduate credit: Excess credits earned beyond the 120 required for undergraduate degrees, earned with grades of “B” or better by undergraduate students in 500-level courses, may be considered for advanced standing (graduate credit) for students matriculated in graduate programs at New Jersey City University no later than seven years after receiving credits for these courses; 
  3. Graduate students may apply no more than nine credits of 500-level courses toward the fulfillment of master’s degree program requirements.