Transfer Credit

For the purpose of transfer credit, courses taken at another accredited college or university must be approved by the academic department to which the student is admitted. The student will work directly with the Transfer Resource Center to complete the transfer credit request process.

Transfer of graduate credits from another college or university may only be considered once a student:

1) is admitted and fully matriculated in a graduate degree program at NJCU;

2) submits a completed Graduate Credit Transfer Form (available online at;  

3) submits a description of each course from the applicable school catalog(s); and

4) ensures that all official transcript(s) have been received by the Office of Graduate Admissions, indicating the successful completion of each course to be considered for transfer.

Once the Transfer Resource Center receives the items above, the requests will be reviewed by the appropriate Department Chair who will make a recommendation for approval/disapproval to the Transfer Resource Center and the student will be notified at that time.

A maximum of one quarter of the number of credits required for a master’s degree may be accepted as transfer credits from an accredited college or university, if the courses for which they were earned are similar in purpose and content to those offered at NJCU, and are clearly integrated with the student’s program as judged by the department Chair Transfer credits must carry a grade of “B” (3.00) or higher; pass/fail credits are not transferable.

Credits which are seven years old, or older, are not applicable to transfer to a graduate program at New Jersey City University.

Credits earned to complete a previous master’s degree may not be applied toward a second master’s degree at New Jersey City University. However, up to thirty graduate credits in psychology earned at an accredited college or university other than New Jersey City University may be accepted as transfer.