Media Production, M.F.A.

Students in the Master of Fine Arts in Media Production have an opportunity to become acquainted with many types of media production while becoming expert in the practice of one or more modes of production.

MEDI 602Graduate Projects3
MEDI 601Intermedia Research3
MEDI 606Visiting Artist Studio3
MEDI 607Graduate Seminar3
MEDI 1606Visiting Artist Studio I3
MEDI 1602Graduate Projects I3
MEDI 1607Graduate Seminar I3
MEDI 1601Intermedia Research I3
MEDI 2606Visiting Artist Studio II3
MEDI 2602Graduate Projects II3
MEDI 2607Graduate Seminar II3
MEDI 2601Intermedia Research II3
MEDI 3606Visiting Artist Studio III3
MEDI 3602Graduate Projects III3
MEDI 3607Graduate Seminar III3
MEDI 3601Intermedia Research III3
MEDI XXX Production Elective*12
Total Credits60

 Production Elective Courses chose from:

MEDI 610 Advanced Video Field Production

MEDI 611 Advanced Video

MEDI 615 Advanced Film/Computer Animation

MEDI 617 Film Practicum:  Advanced Cinematography

MEDI 624 Advanced Post Production Techniques in Video

MEDI 623 Advanced Sound Post-Production

MEDI 616 Advanced Film & TV Lighting

MEDI 619 Advanced Digital Media II

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Semester 1Credits
MEDI 601 Intermedia Research 3
MEDI 602 Graduate Projects 3
MEDI 606 Visiting Artist Studio 3
MEDI 607 Graduate Seminar 3
MEDI XXX Production Elective * 3
Semester 2
MEDI 1601 Intermedia Research I 3
MEDI 1602 Graduate Projects I 3
MEDI 1606 Visiting Artist Studio I 3
MEDI 1607 Graduate Seminar I 3
MEDI XXX Production Elective* 3
Second Year
Semester 1
MEDI 2601 Intermedia Research II 3
MEDI 2602 Graduate Projects II 3
MEDI 2606 Visiting Artist Studio II 3
MEDI 2607 Graduate Seminar II 3
MEDI XXX Production Elective* 3
Semester 2
MEDI 3601 Intermedia Research III 3
MEDI 3602 Graduate Projects III 3
MEDI 3606 Visiting Artist Studio III 3
MEDI 3607 Graduate Seminar III 3
MEDI XXX Production Elective* 3
 Total Credits60

Production Elective to be chosen fromMEDI 610, MEDI 611, MEDI 615, MEDI 617, MEDI 624, MEDI 623, MEDI 616, and MEDI 619.