Performance—Multiple Woodwinds, M.M.

The Master of Music in Multiple Woodwind Performance degree requires students to demonstrate their performance abilities on a number of woodwind instruments for their audition. The degree program emphasizes fluency in all performing styles including classical, jazz and commercial music. The culminating activity for this degree program is a research paper and a full-length recital.

Program Requirements

Major Area 28
MDT 610Performance Seminar3
MDT 611Woodwind Doubling Laboratory3
MDT 508Woodwind Literature3
MDT 525Application of Theory in Performance3
MDT 621Grad Applied Music Major I3
MDT 622Graduate Applied Music Major II3
MDT 623Grad Applied Music Major III3
MDT 629Grad Applied Music Major IV3
MDT 624Graduate Music Ensemble I1
MDT 625Graduate Music Ensemble II1
MDT 626Grad Music Ensemble III1
MDT 634Grad Music Ensemble IV1
Select six credits from the following courses:
MDT 505Contemporary Music3
MDT 501Baroque Music3
MDT 502Classical Music3
MDT 503Romantic Music3
MDT 504The Opera3
MDT 506Music in America3
MDT 507Computer Music3
MDT 509Advanced Jazz Improvisation3
MDT 612Early Jazz to the Swing Era3
MDT 613Jazz History II3
MDT 616Graduate Applied Music Minor I1
MDT 617Grad Applied Music Minor II1
MDT 618Graduate Applied Music Min III1
MDT 631Independent Study1
MDT 632Independent Study2
MDT 633Independent Study3

NOTE: No more than three 500-level courses can be counted towards a master’s degree.

● An undergraduate degree with a major in music or, in exceptional cases, a proven equivalency in music theory, music history, and relevant repertory.

● Proficiency in performance as demonstrated by an audition on a major instrument or voice.

● The terminal project is a culminating recital. MDT 610 Performance Seminar; a recommended prerequisite course for MDT 610 is MDT 525 to assist with the final research paper. As a corequisite requirement, MDT 610 requires a Q&A session with three-member panel.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Semester 1Credits
MDT 621 Grad Applied Music Major I 3
MDT 624 Graduate Music Ensemble I 1
MDT 508Woodwind Literature
MDT 500 or 600 level elective 3
Semester 2
MDT 622 Graduate Applied Music Major II 3
MDT 625 Graduate Music Ensemble II 1
MDT 525 Application of Theory in Performance 3
MDT 611 Woodwind Doubling Laboratory 3
Second Year
Semester 1
MDT 623 Grad Applied Music Major III 3
MDT 626 Grad Music Ensemble III 1
MDT 610 Performance Seminar 3
MDT 500 or 600 level elective 3
Semester 2
MDT 629 Grad Applied Music Major IV 3
MDT 634 Grad Music Ensemble IV 1
 Total Credits31