New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey

New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey provides a process for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) to become licensed teachers by taking classes while they are doing their first two years of teaching. Candidates take a 50-hour Introduction to Teaching Course which includes classroom observations and field experience followed by 24 credits of alternate route classes. Candidates must also teach for two years with successful evaluations in order to apply for a Standard Certificate to teach in New Jersey.

The program is be completed for graduate credits which may be used as part of a Masters degree at NJCU.

Detailed information on the program can be found here.

Ms. Lola Martinez, Administrative Assistant

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EDU 500Classroom Management Workshop1
EDU 645Curriculum and Methods3
EDU 628Learning and Motivation3
LTED 605Literacy in the Elementary Curriculum3
LTED 607Reading Secondary School3
EDTC 621Leading Curriculum Change Using the Internet3
EDU 691Curriculum Integrating Social Studies World Cultures Literature3
EDU 684Integrated Curriculum and Instruction including Diverse Populations3
EDU 693Educational Assessment3
EDU 672Internship Seminar2