Dance, Minor

The goals of the Dance Minor are to provide students with the opportunity to experience the art of dance from the challenging physical commitment to the realization of creative performance. The traditions and principles of the early dance masters and pioneers, and aesthetic contributions made by Graham, Humphrey, Weidman, Ramirez, Robbins and Tharp are an integral part of dance student’s experience. The Dance Minor offers students valuable performance experiences as well as participation in departmental musical productions.

MDT 114Dance Technique - Ballet3
MDT 115Dance Techniques: Modern3
MDT 116Dance Techniques: Jazz3
MDT 315Modern Dance II3
MDT 278New York Dance3
MDT 299Dance Performance Workshop I 13
MDT 300Dance Performance Workshop II 14
Dance Elective3
Total Credits25

Dance electives are any dance courses not required for the minor. An independent study or Co-op Dance project may be taken with permission of the Coordinator.

Beyond these course requirements, a Dance Minor is required to spend a minimum of eighty hours in production participation, either onstage or backstage, over a minimum of two major departmental dance and/or theatrical productions.