College of Professional Studies

Professional Studies Building, Room 402

Dr. Marvin Walker, Dean

Samantha Amorino, Assistant to the Dean

Theresa Spataro, Program Assistant


The CPS faculty are experts in their field of scholarship, commit to a high degree of service to the community, and strive to improve their teaching as new resources, technology, and platforms become available. Many of our faculty have a professional background in their discipline and some actively still work in their chosen profession. The CPS faculty care deeply about their students and ensure student success is our number one priority.

Community College Students

Since CPS offers a variety of professional degrees, many community college students transfer in to NJCU in order to graduate with a Bachelor’s in their chosen field. CPS continues to establish relationships with academic departments from many community colleges across the state so be sure to contact the Dean’s office if you would like to learn how you can transfer into one of the CPS degree programs.