Performance-Multi-Style Strings, M.M.

The Master of Music in Performance with a concentration in Multi-Style Strings offers advanced studies to string players who demonstrate excellent musical proficiency and desire to develop their performance career in multiple styles. This specialization is a multi-faceted program, embracing all styles of music, technology and improvisation, empowering the advanced string player to explore and develop their potential as a creative artist fully prepared to enter the professional music world.

B.M.or B.A. in Music preferred. Admission by audition.

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: NJCU Multi-Style Strings Audition Guidelines for Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass

Prepare three pieces in any style that you are comfortable with that displays your instrumental proficiency and overall musicianship. Each piece should be approximately 3-5 minutes in length.  You may also be asked to demonstrate your technical facility via typical practice routines and exercises (scales, arpeggios, etc.).  

The Admissions process includes a 15-minute live or remote interview with our admissions representative to discuss your goals, aspirations, and what you will bring to NJCU.  Please provide a link to YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, or personal website when you submit your application.

Improvisation: We would like to hear you improvise to gauge where you are in your instrumental development. Your prepared piece may include improvisation, but it is not required.

Reading: The examples range from basic to complex in order for the audition team to gauge your reading ability. You will have 15 minutes before your audition to warm-up on your instrument and review the reading material before being asked to play the examples in the audition.

Major Area Requirements:22
MDT 601Graduate Musicianship3
MDT TBD-46Technology in Music Performance and Composition3
MDT 621Grad Applied Music Major I3
MDT 622Graduate Applied Music Major II3
MDT 623Grad Applied Music Major III3
MDT 629Grad Applied Music Major IV3
MDT 610Performance Seminar3
MDT 624Graduate Music Ensemble I1
MDT 625Graduate Music Ensemble II1
MDT 626Grad Music Ensemble III1
MDT 634Grad Music Ensemble IV1
History Electives:6
MDT 505Contemporary Music3
MDT 506Music in America3
MDT 612Early Jazz to the Swing Era3
MDT 613Jazz History II3
Other Electives:9
MDT 507 (507 is Graduate Computer Music)
MDT 525Application of Theory in Performance3
MDT 526Jazz Arranging3
MDT 614Jazz Compostion3
MDT 616
MDT 617
MDT 618
Graduate Applied Music Minor I
and Grad Applied Music Minor II
and Graduate Applied Music Min III
MDT 620Jazz Compositional Styles3
MDT 624
MDT 625
MDT 626
MDT 634
Graduate Music Ensemble I
and Graduate Music Ensemble II
and Grad Music Ensemble III
and Grad Music Ensemble IV
MDT 631Independent Study1
MDT 632Independent Study2
MDT 633Independent Study3
Required Credits (22 of core credits and 6 music history courses)29
Total Credits (28 required; 8 electives)36
Culminating Activity 1
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
Semester 1Credits
MDT 621 Grad Applied Music Major I 3
MDT 624 Graduate Music Ensemble I 1
MDT 601 Graduate Musicianship 3
MDT TBD-46 Technology in Music Performance and Composition 3
Semester 2
MDT 622 Graduate Applied Music Major II 3
MDT 625 Graduate Music Ensemble II 1
MDT 505
Contemporary Music
MDT 631 Independent Study 1
Second Year
Semester 1
MDT 623 Grad Applied Music Major III 3
MDT 626 Grad Music Ensemble III 1
MDT 506
Music in America
MKTG 732
Digital Marketing Strategy
Semester 2
MDT 629 Grad Applied Music Major IV 3
MDT 634 Grad Music Ensemble IV 1
MDT 610 Performance Seminar 3
 Total Credits36