School Psychology, Professional Diploma

The school psychology program is a 74-credit integrated and sequenced course of study leading to a M.A. in Educational Psychology and a Professional Diploma in School Psychology. It is a “Nationally Recognized Program” by the National Association of School Psychologists. Candidates complete 300 hours of field experience during the course of study and 1200 hours of externship, taken as a culminating experience after coursework is complete. The program’s mission is to prepare candidates for the challenges of urban schools. Program graduates are eligible for certification as school psychologists in New Jersey and New York and, as graduates of a “NASP Approved Program,” for national certification as school psychologists (NCSP).

Candidates enter either directly from undergraduate programs in psychology or after completing an appropriate master’s degree. Candidates entering with a master’s degree transfer appropriate credit in consultation with the graduate office and the program coordinator at the time of matriculation into the program.

Thus, the Professional Diploma is offered in two ways:

  1. for entering graduate students seeking an M.A. in Educational Psychology and school psychology certification, and
  2. for students entering with an appropriate master’s degree, seeking school psychology certification.

Students with strong undergraduate records in psychology are encouraged to apply directly to the M.A. in Educational Psychology/Professional Diploma program. Students with an appropriate master’s degree and strong record of accomplishment in graduate course work (grade point average of 3.50 on a 4.00 scale) are encouraged to apply to the Professional Diploma program. Up to 30 credits of transfer credit may be awarded upon review by the program coordinator and the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education.

Prerequisites for Admission

  1. Completion of the general graduate studies admission requirements.
  2. A minimum of nine undergraduate credits in psychology.
  3. Students are admitted for entry into the program for Spring and Fall semesters of each year. All application materials should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education by November 1 or April 1 to be considered for admission for the Spring or Fall semesters, respectively.
  4. A letter of intent (500 to 1,000 words) describing the candidate’s interest in the field of school psychology, sent to the Office of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education with the student’s application, is required.
  5. The Graduate Record Examination (Verbal and Quantitative sections) is required; an MAT score is not an option for applicants to this program.
  6. An individual interview with the Coordinator of the School Psychology Program should be arranged prior to November 1 or April 1.
  7. Two letters of recommendation attesting to the candidate’s potential for graduate study are required.

Admission Procedures

  1. The completed application materials are reviewed by a committee of the graduate faculty two times per year during the months of November and April.
  2. Applicants receive notice of the graduate committee’s decision by December 15 and April 15.
  3. Successful candidates receive a contract of agreement detailing the conditions of their admission to the program. Return of these materials marks their formal entry into the program.
PSYC 601Psychology of Learn and Cognition3
PSYC 602Psychology Of Personality3
PSYC 603Developmental Psychology3
PSYC 604Tests & Measurements3
PSYC 609Pers Maladjusts Child&Adoles3
PSYC 606Research Methodology and Applications3
PSYC 608Interviewing & Counseling3
PSYC 616Therapeutic Intervention Techniques: Consultation in Educational Settings3
PSYC 626Ethics Law and Professional Issues3
PSYC 627Role and Function of the School Psychologist3
PSYC 631Psychopharmacology3
PSYC 675Statistics3
PSYC 704Cognitive Assessment and Intervention3
PSYC 2704Laboratory:Cognitive Assessment & Intervention2
PSYC 705Pract In The Psycho.Eval Spec3
PSYC 706Personality Assessment3
PSYC 708Sem In Sch Psych Extern I3
PSYC 709Semin Sch Psyc Extern II3
PSYC 710Clinical Externship I3
PSYC 715Consultation and Program Evaluation3
Required Courses in Education
EDLD 601School Law3
EDLD 662Principles Of Curric Dev&Eval3
Required Courses in Special Education
SPEC 600Introduction to Learning Disabilities3
SPEC 640Emotional and Behavior Disorders in Children and Youth3