Academic Fresh Start

The Academic Fresh Start facilitates the return to NJCU of students who left because of academic difficulty. The policy addresses students who want to return to NJCU after one year or more and have demonstrated the potential for success by having completed 12 credits or more with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better at another institution or have received an Associate's Degree from a community college.

  1. Academic Fresh Start may be granted one time and only for courses taken at NJCU;
  2. An undergraduate student must be separated from the college for a minimum of 12 months;
  3. Current students who were readmitted after a 12-month separation from NJCU are eligible for Academic Fresh Start policy;
  4. Application for Academic Fresh Start must be submitted to the Dean of the William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences unless there is a declared major in one of the other colleges. This application will be submitted by July 1 for the next fall semester readmits, or by November 1 for the next spring semesters readmits;
  5. Upon return to NJCU, a readmitted student will be placed on academic probation until the completion of 15 credits with no grade below C. The student can withdraw from a course only with permission of the new program advisor and the Dean.
  6. Appeals may be made to the appropriate Dean (as stated in Policy #4) and then to the Provost.
  7. Courses omitted from the recalculation will remain on the transcript and will be identified by (**) and will not be counted towards graduation requirements. Up to 30 credits may be omitted prior to recalculation, subject to departmental policies. Only courses with a grade lower than C will be eligible for omission;
  8. W records will remain on the transcript;
  9. An academic probation contract with the new program advisor is required prior to registration;
  10. Financial aid policies are independent of the Academic Fresh Start Policy.