Cumulative Grade Point Average

The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) average reflects all grades earned for all semesters. It is determined by dividing the sum total of all grade points by the sum total of all credit hours attempted. 

The number of credits assigned to each course multiplied by the grade index earned gives the number of grade points earned for that course. The sum total of grade points earned, when divided by total credits attempted, constitutes the student’s grade point average. 

Example: A student enrolled in five three-credit courses, earned an A, three B's, and a C. The grade point average is determined as follows: 

A—4.0 x 3 hours 12.0
B—3.0 x 3 hours 9.0
B—3.0 x 3 hours 9.0
B—3.0 x 3 hours 9.0
C—2.0 x 3 hours 6.0

15 hours for 45.0 points 

Dividing 45.0 by 15 credits, the grade point average is 3.0. 


  1. The grades “W”, “P” and “R” do not affect the grade point average. However, an excessive number of “W” grades can adversely affect a student’s academic standing and/or eligibility for types of financial aid.
  2.  “IN” (Incomplete) Grade: This grade, used only in extraordinary circumstances, grants a student further time to complete required course work. The final deadline date for the revision of an “IN” is six weeks after the beginning of the subsequent semester, e.g.:
    1. “IN” grade for the fall semester must be satisfied by the sixth week of the following spring semester. 
    2.  “IN” grade for the spring semester or the summer sessions must be satisfied by the sixth week of the following fall semester. 
    3. “IN” grades that are not resolved by the deadline date are automatically converted to “F” grades. 
  3. “W” (official withdrawal) Grade: This option is available between the time add/drop ends and the deadline dates identified below. Academic Foundations courses cannot be dropped or withdrawn from without the approval of the Office of the Dean of the William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences. A student who has earned thirty (30) credits or more cannot drop or withdraw from an All University Requirements course, except in exchange for a different section of the same course or with the approval of the Office of the Dean of William J. Maxwell College of Arts and Sciences. 

    This grade is only applicable to the student who officially withdraws from a course by filing a completed withdrawal form with the Office of the Registrar. The deadline dates for filing are November 1 for the fall semester, April 1 for the spring semester and the mid-semester points for summer sessions. For all officially withdrawn students, the instructor’s final grade roster will have the grade “W” imprinted in the grade column next to the student’s name. A student who does not complete course work and does not officially withdraw will receive the grade of “F.”
  4. In extraordinary circumstances, such as hospitalization for an accident or illness, a student may submit a written request to the appropriate academic dean for an official withdrawal after the deadline date. Such requests must be accompanied by appropriate documentation of the time and nature of the circumstances. Decisions of the academic dean on these requests are final. Timely withdrawals may be eligible for a refund. To obtain a refund, students must file an official form and follow the Registrar’s Refund Schedule. A partial refund is available only to students who officially withdraw from courses within the first third of the semester or summer session. 
  5. “R” Grade: This grade will only be used in Academic Foundations Courses. The grade is given to a student who demonstrates progress in the course, but not sufficient progress to warrant a passing grade. The student who receives an “R” grade must either repeat the course or demonstrate the ability to advance to the next level of coursework. Students may receive one “R” grade per course. When the course is repeated, an “F” grade leads to dismissal from the University. Letter grades (“A” through “F”) issued in Academic Foundation courses (courses with catalog number less than 100) are not included in calculations of CGPAs. 
  6. Change of Grade: A grade change must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office prior to posting of the degree. A grade change will not be approved once the degree is posted.
  7. Grade Access: Final grades are posted to the transcript file approximately three weeks following the last day of the semester. Grades can be accessed via the Internet at GothicNet.