Declaration of Major Program of Study

Degree students applying for acceptance into their major program, must file the form online. Once application is submitted, an advisor will review the application and inform the student of its approval via the NJCU e-mail account. New transfer students should apply for admission to a major program at the beginning of their first semester at the University. Freshmen should apply for acceptance into a major after following completion of all undergraduate required courses, approximately 35 degree credits. Prospective music majors must audition in person before music faculty.

A minimum cumulative average of 2.0 is generally required for admission to a major; a department may refuse to accept if a student’s work in core courses is below a “C”. Specific admission requirements are available from individual departments. No student is accepted to a major until he/she passes and/or been tested out of the Academic Foundations Program.

Veterans or dependents of veterans receiving VA benefits who have completed 32 semester hours and have an acceptable grade point average, must declare a major once granted admission to the major program. The student will receive a copy of the provisionally approved application and assigned to an advisor for the major program. Students are approved conditionally for admission to the major; continuation in the major is contingent upon satisfactory progress in the major program.

Students interested in education major may be provisionally accepted into the major as early as the second semester provided they have a G.P.A. of 2.75 or higher. Other requirements for formal admission are available from the department or the Advisement Center.