Electives and Minor Programs

The general curricular plan affords the student a maximum of opportunity to design an individual degree plan that meets his or her general interests and career goals. 

A student may use elective courses to strengthen his/her program and achieve higher individual educational goals. He/she may: 

  1. Take up to 54 credits in additional courses in a major field, with the exception of certain tracks or specializations in art and music; 
  2. Pursue in-depth study in a sequence of courses leading to a second major. See the above section, “Co-Major”; 
  3. Build a competence in an academic field other than his/her major by taking a sequence of courses (18 to 24 credit hours), majoring a different academic department, leading to an academic minor; or 
  4. Complete miscellaneous elective credits. 

Note: A student enrolled in the elementary education or the early childhood education teacher certification program is reminded that he/she must complete specific requirements appropriate to his/her first major.