Grade Recomputation

A student can repeat a course and elect once to have the lower grade received for that course excluded from the grade point average. The following conditions apply: 

  1. All grades will remain on the official transcript. An explanation of this policy appears on the transcript; 
  2. The election of grade recomputation is not automatic. A student who fails to file the proper form will have all grades included in the CGPA; 
  3. Credit for course repeated is applicable only once toward the degree; 
  4. Any course may be repeated, subject to department policies restricting students from repeating an elementary course, once a more advanced course has been completed. No substitutions are allowed; 
  5. If a student officially withdraws from a course in which the grade computation option is made, the option becomes void. 
  6. A student may elect grade recomputation of a maximum of 16 credits; 
  7. A student electing grade recomputation must file a grade recomputation form with the Registrar, Hepburn Hall, Rm. 214; 
  8. This policy is not retroactive. Courses repeated prior to the effective date of this policy are not eligible for grade recomputation; 
  9. This policy does not apply to students who have graduated;
  10. Course coded with plagiarism are excluded from the recomputation policy.

The recomputation form can be accessed at

PLEASE NOTE: Veterans Administration education benefits are not payable for courses previously completed, unless the completed course has a grade of “F” and/or if the course has a minimum grade requirement for the student’s major program of study. For additional information on the above policy or veterans affairs, please contact the Director of Military & Veterans Services in Gilligan Student Union Building, Room 127, or call 201-200-3199.