Second Baccalaureate Degree

A candidate with a bachelor’s degree from a college recognized by an American accrediting agency may apply for admission to New Jersey City University for a second baccalaureate degree. 

A second baccalaureate degree may be earned by meeting all of the following requirements: 

1. A minimum of 30 credits in residence toward the new degree. 

2. Completion of an approved major program, as determined and evaluated by the major program department. Credits earned at each institution previously attended are evaluated for applicability to the new degree by the department chairperson; 

3. AUR and General Education Program Requirements:

a. For a graduate of New Jersey City University or another institution recognized by American accrediting agencies, the record(s) is accepted as having satisfied New Jersey City University AUR and General Studies Program area requirements; 

b. For a graduate of a foreign or a non-accredited American institution, the record is evaluated by appropriate evaluating agencies, including departmental evaluations, on a course-by-course basis for applicability to the degree. A transfer evaluator in the Transfer Resource Center determines the accreditation status of the institution(s) previously attended and the appropriate evaluating agencies and procedures. 

A graduate of a foreign or non-accredited American higher education institution who has not completed courses that satisfy the AUR and General Education Program area requirements, as evaluated by the Transfer Resource Center and/or appropriate department(s), is required to complete this work to receive a second baccalaureate degree; 

4. Completion of a minimum of 120 credits, including total credits transferred from the institution(s) attended; 

5. Attainment of a final CGPA of 2.0.