General Education Tier III Capstone Seminars

EDU 305Power, Politics, and Schooling: National and Global Contestations3
EESC 325GIS for the Urban Community3
EESC 390Energy, Society and Sustainability3
ENGL 319The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire3
ENGL 344Creative Writing in a Digital Age: Remediation, Sampling, Journaling, and Mixed Media Appropriation3
HIST 347Making History3
LATI 350Latinos and Language in the U.S.3
LTED 380Going Public: Literacy and the History of American Education3
MCC 350Immigrants and Immigration: Dialog and Debate for Our Diverse Future3
MDT 374P. T. Barnum: The Greatest Showman3
PHIL 390Pandemic Ethics3
SOCI 309Riots, Rebellions, Revolutions: Civil Conflict and Violence3
WGST 310Girls, Girl Culture, and Girlhood Studies3
WGST 370Transgender, Gender Variant, and Gender Queer History, Identities, and Politics3