Psychology, Minor

A minor in Psychology provides students with exposure to areas that include perception, physiological, cognitive, learning, history and systems, contemporary issues, tests and measurements, developmental, social, personality, abnormal, motivation, psychopathology, and counseling, as well as other areas.

Required Courses: 10
PSYC 110Introduction to Psychology 13
PSYC 230Statistics for Social Sciences3
PSYC 235Experimental Psychology4
Restricted Electives (Select a minimum of three credits from four of the following groups of Psychology courses.):12
Group l:
Developmental: Birth Through Adolescence 1
Development Adolescence to Adulthood 1
Social Psychology 1
Group ll:
Physiological Psychology
Cognitive Psychology
Group lll:
Personality Theory
Advanced Developmental Psychology
Advanced Social Psychology
Group lV:
Tests and Measurements
Techniques in Behavior Modification
Advanced General Psychology
History and Systems
Contemporary Issues in Psychology
Group V:
Psychopathology of Childhood & Adolescence
Abnormal Psychology
Introduction To Counseling
Seminar: Clinical Psychology
Remaining Elective (Select from among electives at the 300- and 400-level.):3
Total Credits:25

May be used to simultaneously satisfy a General Education Program requirement.