History, Minor

Are you a good candidate for becoming a history minor? Ask yourself this: Do I crave a deeper understanding of the world I live in? Am I curious about how the past informs the present and the future? Do I want to learn in an environment that sparks thought-provoking discussions?

Our faculty is student-centered and passionate about bringing history to life. Their specialties are as diverse as our student body, and they are sought-after experts in the discipline. They are dedicated to helping students learn, grow, and succeed.

Students must maintain a cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 2.0.

Required Regional Core Courses: (Choose 1 course from 2 of the following regions): 6 Credits
HIST 156Western Civilization 16483
HIST 160Europe in the 20th Century3
HIST 255The Emergence of Modern Europe3
HIST 164Introduction to African Civilizaitons3
Latin America:
HIST 162Introduction to Latin-American Civilization3
Middle East:
HIST 168Middle East, Past and Present3
HIST 166Intoduction to Asian Civilization3
Required History Electives: 12 Credits (Choose 2 100-400 level and 2 300-400 level from the following):
HIST 114Immigration In American History3
HIST 131Metropolitan New York 13
HIST 133Cranks, Critics, and Communards 13
HIST 150American History to 18653
HIST 152American History since 18653
HIST 154History of Women3
HIST 202Renaissance and Reformation3
HIST 203History through Film3
HIST 205Ancient Civilizations3
HIST 209History of Punishment3
HIST 211American Military History3
HIST 212History of New Jersey3
HIST 213Select Topic in American History:3
HIST 215World War II: Pacific and Asia3
HIST 216World War II: Europe3
HIST 231The US in the World 13
HIST 233Beyond Boundaries: Historical Narrative in the Global Age (1000 CE to Present) 13
HIST 245Cities in History 13
HIST 255The Emergence of Modern Europe3
HIST 305Civil War and Reconstruction3
HIST 307History of Modern Russia3
HIST 309History of Modern France3
HIST 310Diplomatic History of the United States3
HIST 311History of Modern Germany3
HIST 312Political Dissent in Modern America3
HIST 313Urban America: The City in American History3
HIST 316American Sports History3
HIST 318History and Culture: Cuba and Puerto Rico3
HIST 319Presidential Elections3
HIST 321Colonial America (1550-1789)3
HIST 322Early America3
HIST 323American Industry and Empire3
HIST 324Twentieth Century America (1945 to Present)3
HIST 329Progressivism3
HIST 330Early England3
HIST 331History of the Dominican Republic3
HIST 332History of Modern England3
HIST 345Comparative Histories of Slavery in the Americas3
HIST 350Making of the Middle Ages3
HIST 357The Ottoman Empire3
HIST 363Medieval Heritage3
HIST 365Boom and Bust,The US:1870-19403
HIST 376The Twentieth Century Middle East3
HIST 401Intellectual History of U.S.3
HIST 402America Social History3
AFRO 125African American History: From Africa to Emancipation3
AFRO 140African American History: From Emancipation to the Present3
Total Credits:18