Philosophy and Religion, Minor

The minor program in philosophy and religion is designed for students who wish to experience the educational enrichment offered by these disciplines. Philosophy alone, or a minor in combination with religion, may be studied in sufficient depth to enable students to grasp central issues, as well as to confront their own self-awareness in terms of these issues. The minor programs are largely unstructured to allow students to shape their courses of study to their own interests and needs.

18 Credits to Complete the Philosophy Minor

Required Courses:9
PHIL 102Critical Thinking3
PHIL 125Ethics in Everyday Life3
PHIL 140The Examined Life3
Electives: Select three course 9
PHIL 105Issues in Religion3
PHIL 109Bioethics3
PHIL 110Mythology3
PHIL 113Environmental Ethics3
PHIL 135World Religions Today3
PHIL 203Philosophy of Religion3
PHIL 205Metaphysics: Appearance and Reality3
PHIL 206Epistemology: Theory of Knowledge3
PHIL 207Ethics3
PHIL 208Great Philosophers: Voices of Wisdom3
PHIL 215On Love3
PHIL 216Aesthetics: Creativity & Imagination3
PHIL 217Eastern Philosophy and Religion3
PHIL 226Religion in the City: When Faith Encounters Urban Life3
PHIL 227Symbolic Logic3
PHIL 231The Philosophy of War and Peace3
PHIL 232African(a) Philosophy3
PHIL 234Ancient Philosophy3
PHIL 235Perspectives on Death3
PHIL 236Self: I as Mind3
PHIL 239On Evil3
PHIL 240Philosophy and Film3
PHIL 244Political and Social Philosophy3
PHIL 245The Philosophy of Social Justice in the United States3
PHIL 246Food, Philosophy, and Global Health3
PHIL 290Myth, Magic, and Mysticism3
PHIL 302Philosophy of Technology3
PHIL 303Existentialism and Phenomenology3
PHIL 313Time3
PHIL 314Great Philosophical Texts I3
PHIL 317Philosophy and Literature3
PHIL 320Philosophy of Psychology3
PHIL 324Judaism, Christianity, and Islam3
PHIL 390Pandemic Ethics3
PHIL 397Re-Thinking Animals: A Paradigm Shift3
PHIL 401Philosophy of Science3
PHIL 405Advanced Seminar in Philosophy3
PHIL 492Ind Study Philosophy3
Total Credits18