Political Science, Minor

A minor in political science prepares students to understand the complex issues facing our society today. The knowledge gained through our department’s coursework helps students become better citizens of their communities and future leaders.

Required Courses
POLI 102United States Politics3
POLI 105History of Political Thought3
POLI 109Comparative Politics3
POLI 110Introduction to World Politics3
Select 3 credits from the following American Politics courses:
POLI 201Political Parties and Elections3
POLI 202State and Local Government3
POLI 204Media and Politics3
POLI 212Introduction to Public Policy Analysis3
POLI 213Urban Politics3
POLI 215Women and Law3
POLI 216Government and Business in United States3
POLI 228President and Congress3
POLI 305CyberPolitics3
POLI 306Constitutional Law3
POLI 311Judicial Process3
POLI 313Civil Liberties in the United States3
POLI 320Campaign 20243
POLI 331U.S. Foreign Policy3
POLI 354Politics Through Film3
Select 3 credits from the following Comparative Government & International Studies courses:
POLI 209Government and Politics of South America3
POLI 210Government & Politics of Mexico & the Caribbean3
POLI 221Politics of Africa3
POLI 222Politics of Western Europe3
POLI 223Government and Politics of Asia3
POLI 224Comparative Politics of the Middle East3
POLI 226Comparative Politics of Russia and Eurasia3
POLI 307International Law3
POLI 310Global Issues of Urgency3
POLI 322Advanced Studies in European Politics3
POLI 324International Relations in the Middle East3
POLI 3263
POLI 327UN and World Affairs3
POLI 334Issues of War & Peace3
Select 3 credits from the following seminar courses:
POLI 440United Nation Workshop3
POLI 450Seminar in American Government3
POLI 452Seminar in International Relations3
POLI 453Seminar in Urban Politics3
3 Credit Elective - Select a POLI course listed above or Cooperative Education Experience.3
Total Credits24