All University Requirement Courses

ENGL 101 English Composition I (4 Credits)

This course, required of all students, is an introduction to the basic communicative skills needed in college—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—through the interpretation of textual, visual, and digital materials. It also provides an introduction to research skills.

ENGL 102 English Composition II (4 Credits)

This course, required of all students, continues to develop the skills practiced in ENGL 101. Students learn to identify and to write critically about literary forms including fiction and nonfiction, and they learn how to conduct research and write a research paper.

Pre-Requisite(s): ENGL 101 English Composition I

MATH 114 Contemporary Mathematics (3 Credits)

Course introduces the student to the role of mathematics in various aspects of contemporary life. Emphasis is on the use of quantitative descriptions and models to solve real-world problems. Examples of specific topics include the mathematics of social choice, data handling, growth and form, and optimization.

Pre-Requisite(s): MATH 90, MATH 96, MATH 98 or MATH 112

MATH 140 Statistics I (3 Credits)

Statistics I is a study of mode, median, mean, standard deviation, various descriptive techniques, the binomial and normal distributions, and an introduction to statistical inference. Statistical concepts are applied primarily to the natural and social sciences, business administration, and criminal justice using packaged software such as Minitab and SPSS.

Pre-Requisite(s): MATH 90, MATH 96, MATH 98 or MATH 112

MATH 164 Pre-Calculus for Business Students (4 Credits)

This course introduces the student to the role and applications of mathematics in business. Topics include: polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic equations and functions and their applications in business; interest, annuities, present and future values, sinking funds, and amortization, systems of linear equations and inequalities; and matrices and their applications in business.

Pre-Requisite(s): MATH 112 or MATH 106

MATH 175 Enhanced Precalculus (4 Credits)

Selected topics from algebra, exponential and logarithmic functions, and trigonometry are chosen to provide suitable background for Calculus I.

Pre-Requisite(s): MATH 106 or MATH 112.


The Tier I Math requirement is determined by the student’s major.

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM): MATH 175
  • Business Majors: MATH 164
  • Social Science Majors:  MATH 140
  • Humanities: MATH 114

Higher level Math AUR courses may substitute for lower level Math AUR courses, e.g., a Humanities major may also take Math 175, 164, and 140 to satisfy their Math AUR requirement. However, lower level Math courses do not substitute for higher level Math AUR courses, e.g., a Business student may not take Math 114 or Math 140 to satisfy their Math AUR requirement. Other substitutions might be appropriate, in particular, Math 112 may substitute for Math 114 and Math 140. Students must consult with an academic advisor or the Math department for information on these substitutes as well as prerequisites for required Math courses.